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Should I price my goods or services in NZD or USD, or something else? Total PayPal Fees: NZ$4.85, or 4.85% of the transaction value 2. Foreign Exchange fee: 2.5% of AU$ = AU$7.18 (closest estimate) - PayPal claims to use the "most  20 Nov 2019 PayPal will also give you information on the currency exchange rate for any country you want to send money to. Visit Business Insider's  USDn/a. CADn/a. AUDn/a. £ 0.00 Avg. Saving vs. Banks ? Go to site. PayPal General Notes Get your free multi-currency account, to pay and get paid around 

22 Oct 2019 To USD or CAD: 3.5%; To other currencies: 4% If the mid-market rate is 1 AUD = 0.62 EUR; PayPal's exchange rate might be 1 AUD = 0.60  To work out the fees if you are sending money from the US to fee of about 30c AUD depending the currency in which the  25 Jul 2019 However, as a way to send money from one country to another, PayPal exchange rates are not bringing value or savings to their customers. Paypal is one of the most common methods of sending money overseas, but is it the best Example: Sending money from Australia to the US, UK or China. 9 Jan 2019 Should you pay in SGD or USD? Pick the right option to avoid PayPal's currency conversion fees and poor currency exchange rates. 30 Jul 2019 You will see eg: US/UK pricing and then in AUD. We also cannot guarantee what exchange rates Paypal use at any given time so there can  Exchange Rates & Currency Conversion Calculator - Use the converter to get an indication of the rate you may receive when using your Visa card.

To work out the fees if you are sending money from the US to fee of about 30c AUD depending the currency in which the 

Where can-I-find-PayPal's-currency-exchange-rates So I made a payment of 59.78 USD but paypal converted it to 91.43 AUD. Did the conversion rate change or is this payment a mistake? Cookies help us customize the PayPal Community for you, and some are necessary to make our site work. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Here’s all you need to know about the currency conversion fees and rates used by PayPal. Where can I find the PayPal exchange rate used for my international purchase or transfer? This article uses information taken from the terms and conditions, and fee structures, applied to holders of US-based PayPal accounts. I have paypal account. My base currency is AUD. I want to check the conversion rate for buying a stuff in USD. When I go to payment step they show the actual USD amount and actual AUD that will be taken and the actual conversion rate used for AUD to USD. Transfer money to United States paying with Australian Dollar, find best AUD to USD exchange rate, commission and fees. Compare paypal, banks and money transfer agents sales and marketing organizational chart

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